Memories That Last!

Preserve those special memories to last
in a special way like nothing else can.
Don't let those moments slip away.

Save. Share. Enjoy.

A special gift capturing and presenting those special moments. Providing an easy way for you, your family, and your friends, to preserve, share, and enjoy those moments, over and over again.

Endless Fun!

At the end of the day, the activities
may have ended, but the fun doesn't have to.
Remember the fun. Share the fun. Relive the fun.

Spread The Word!

What better way to promote your business, your product,
or your cause then with a creative advertisement video?
Get your message across clearly and creatively and
proclaim it to the world!

Create an Announcement Trailer!

Perfect for weddings or engagements! Order an announcement trailer
from a template and customize it to fit your personal preferences.
Just fill out the quick and easy form, then sit back and we'll do the rest!
Order your Announcement Trailer now!

Video Editor - Videographer - Photographer

Are in need of that perfect Wedding Highlight Video that will allow you to reminisce
back to that special wedding day for years to come?
Looking to update your family photographs or bring out those senior portraits?
Want to capture a family event to play back as a highlight video and share with friends?
Have that need to advertise your business, product, or services with a compelling promotional video?
Eagle Stealth Team Productions are at your service!

Eagle Stealth Team Productions is here to help you with your media production needs. Utilizing a keen and creative eye with video production and photography, we produce unique, creative videos and provide elegant photos. Creativity and skill are rare traits when it comes to producing media. And Eagle Stealth Team Productions, is a great place to find just that.

Eagle Stealth Team Productions is geared towards producing media of various kinds and for various purposes such as records, memories, advertisement, promotion, entertainment, and fun.
Eagle Stealth Team Productions provides:
-Video editing for home videos, concerts, advertisements, action sports, and more.
-Video production for special events, promotional videos, music videos, just for fun videos, and more.
-Photography services for family portraits, senior photos, special events, and more.

Almost anything can be turned into a fun, neat, lasting memory. It's up to you to make the decision to save, share, and relive the moments in your life. Don't pass it up! Make memories that last!

To hire Eagle Stealth Team Productions services or to find out more, head over to fill out and submit the contact form.

Want to see some samples of what Eagle Stealth Team Productions has produced? Check out videos by Eagle Stealth Team Productions on the Video Portfolio page , and the Photo Gallery for photography samples. You can also visit and 'like' Eagle Stealth Team Productions on FaceBook!